Thursday, June 9, 2011

San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon

Chalk up another 1/2 Marathon under the belt.

San Diego Rock n Roll was this past weekend, and it was tons of fun. First off, it was a little family reunion as my brother and his wife came down from Toronto, my cousin from Connecticut and my cousin's cousin from West Virginia were down to join us on our race. Oh btw (see photo .. love our tye dyes?).

We received so many comments on our running shirts. Too cool !!!

Anyway, it was short lived to be with our family, but short is sweet and it was good times all around.

Update IronMan Training: Yesterday was a team swim, and omg .. I still can't believe that I am doing laps. Pools were only for hanging out, cooling down and having a drink ... now it's all about laps, laps and more laps. After the swim was my first 'brick workout'. What is a brick workout you ask? Well, it's a double sport workout ... so after the hour swim, we had to run a 5k. It was actually better than I thought ... legs and lungs must have already been warmed up from swimming, that they were just moving. We'll see how the brick workout is on Saturday when we ride for an hour and half, and then will have to run afterwards.

All in all ... good stuff. Loving the 3 discipline workouts too. I run, bike and swim three times a week, and it is just a totally different feeling from just running 3-4 times a week and I know, all 3 are good workouts. Anyway, have a good rest of the week ... another team run tonight and a team ride on Saturday morning ... and October will be here soon enough. Fun times !!!

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  1. Woo hoo, good job! Did you guys make those shirts yourself? :)