Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Get'n back in da groove ...

Phew ... finally feel'n good about runn'in again !!!

Ran Pat's Run on the weekend, and even though it was soooo packed, I just ran for myself ... ran for the mere fact of getting back into the 'groove.'

28,000 people got together to run for a great cause, a fallen hero.

On the flipside, got some bad news this morning ... even though I knew it was time coming ... but I guess, we're just NEVER prepared for a 'friend's' passing. A good friend of mine passed away last night after battling a year long bout with Pancreatic Cancer. This time last year, she called me, and made me aware, that she needed me in her corner for this one. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. I did my research, and contacted the doctor's in my family and I wasn't aware that Pancreatic Cancer was one of the most aggressive ones out there. My uncle told me, that at stage 4, she'd probably have 4-6 months. Well, Diane (aka Big D), fought and fought, and finally lost the battle last night.

I talked to her about 2 weeks ago, and she was on the positive side of things, even though she mentioned she was dwindling to almost nothing. She was about 110lbs soaking wet to begin with (on a good day) and I just can't imagine her dwindling anymore.

Anyway, I think I've just found another reason to go forward, continue the training, and dedicate my runs to battling Cancer. I've lost family and close friends to this disease, and however I can help to hopefully assist in finding a cure ... however little ... it'll be for my fallen friends and family.

Big D ... you'll always be in my thoughts and prayers ... hope you're dancing on the clouds and looking down on us. Luv ya !!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back from a 2 month hiatus ...

Okay ... got the groove back ... and finally settling into my crazy schedule.

Work is getting pretty busy and with some newly added responsibilities, it's been pretty draining. To add to it, working as a massage therapist on weekends, I think the workload is finally catching up to my energy level (okay, I never thought I'd say that ... b'coz I 'always' have excess energy).

It's been almost 2 months since my race in Sedona and to be honest ... the training has gone down the toilet. A run here, and a run there, just doesn't cut it. I've postponed my full marathon (that was supposed to be in early May), to possibly the Vegas Marathon in December, or might opt out for a duathlon instead near the end of the year.

I've been riding my bike again, more and more ... and have always contemplated a duathlon (no tri's ... don't really swim well enough for that). This past Sunday, I was out for a 2 1/2hr ride, through downtown Phoenix (wow, so peaceful in the early hours of a Sunday morning). Small baby steps ... we'll slowly get back to proper training !!!

Pat's Run this weekend ... a quick 4 miler ... hoping I'll be okay for this one !!!

Wish me luck ...