Monday, February 8, 2010

Sedona 1/2 Marathon / Vegas RoadTrip ...

Sedona 4500 ft Elevation
Phoenix 1117 ft Elevation

Whoa .. I survived yet another one.

It was slightly overcast, 38 degress and beautiful scenery .. what else can you ask for? Just another 13.1 mile stroll through the Sedona canyons. Since my last disappointing finish a few weeks ago at PF Chang's AZ, I made sure, I wasn't changing anything on race day. I was going to stick to water on the course, no GU, no Jelly Beans ... no energy supplements .. NOTHING .. just cross my fingers and hope for the best.

Let me preface this by stating .. 'This was the toughest 1/2 I've EVER done.' I think I've done all my hill training for 2010 and possibly 2011. This course was hills upon hills upon hills. Oh btw .. did I mention that this course had HILLS?
Okay .. so you get what I'm saying right?

It usually takes me a couple of miles to get into my rhythm, get my breathing in check and start to feel good about my run. Within the first 400 yards, we're already starting to climb. Yup, this setup the challenge for the morning. Once into the groove I was running a decent pace and feeling pretty good after tackling the first 5-6 miles. I was talking to a girl from Scottsdale, as I realized that we'd be looping in about a mile or two, and this downhill we were on would soon become our arch enemy. I looked at her and said 'You know we'll be looking at this from the bottom next time around right?' She just looked at me as if to say ... 'don't remind me.'

Soon enough I came across 'THE WALL.' It had to be greater than a 45 degree climb and you can see runners trying to battle through and conquer. I ended up walking part of it, as it just seemed that I was exerting too much energy for such little gain. As if that wasn't enough, the last 3-4 miles were the absolute killer. I didn't remember any of these being quick downhills the first time around .. but they sure were 'ugly' after mile 9. To finish the race, we got onto hwy 89A, turned the corner .. and bam .. why not throw in the last hill 'for good measure.' Just in case the quads and the calves weren't ready to explode just yet .. we'd better make sure. The finish line was finally in sight, but that last hill just ate up the little energy I had left to sprint.

All in all .. it was a good day. No cramps, no foot or leg pains and still surived to share my stories. Sure I whine about the hills .. but what doesn't break me, only makes me stronger ... right?

Once we compared notes about the run, we were back to the hotel room, cleaned up and showered, we decided on lunch in town. My cousin told me that her dad's side of the family was having a suprise party for her uncle in Vegas this weekend, and that she had family flying in from all over. A spontaneous roadtrip .. and 4 1/2hrs later ... we pulled into Vegas to surprise, not just her uncle ... but also her mom and dad (my aunt and uncle). A night of great food, dancing, and loads of vodka(rb) and tonic, just what you need after 13.1 gruelling miles. Yeah ... sure slept well that night!

We covered alot of miles this weekend and shared some good laughs with family.

What's next? Pat's Run in Tempe, AZ?

Have a great week !