Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Well Hellooooo ...

Hey Stranger .. how goes the battle?

I know it's been a while since my last blog ... but been so busy the last couple of months, with work and vacation (and planning of course), that there hasn't been anytime for anything.

Let's see ... what have I been up to? Well, I'll skip all the work stuff, b'coz that's just boring as heck. New system installs, a lil travel'n blah blah blah.

Vacation .. yeah! So had a boys week up in Moab/Colorado for some mountain biking ... I've been up there before, and the views are still breath-taking. We rode 2 trails in Moab and 1 trail in Colorado.

1)SlickRock - not really my cup o'tea, but it's a totally different experience. Riding on rock ... yeah ... could be painful to take a spill on those darn things. Check out some of the steep hills we had to tackle.

2)Porcupine Rim - 8600 ft elevation, rocky downhills, gnarly terrain makes up what they call Porcupine Rim. This narrow single track with a drop on the right makes it more interesting and of course a more challenging ride. I took a pretty nasty spill on this path, half my bike overlooking the drop ... crushed my rear derailleur, bent my rim ... but managed to finish off the trail. Unfortunately, my bike was in no condition to Colorado the next day. Luckily (or not so lucky), Ken crashed earlier in the ride, broke 2 ribs and was out for Colorado ... thanks to Ken, I had a bike for the next day.

(Poor Ken slouched over, after his crash - up n over the handlebars).

3)Dead Horse Trail - A much easier ride in Colorado to end the week. Riding along side the Colorado River. All single track and switchbacks and awesome views.

After Moab/Colorado, we decided to hit Vegas for a couple of days to wind down, also to celebrate my big Four O ... so did I really say wind down in the same sentence as celebrate my big Four O? Doh ... yeah ... it wasn't really winding down ... and I'll stick to the saying 'what happens in Vegas .. stays in Vegas' ... and let you figure it out.

Oh yah ... this is suppose to be a running blog .. well, I have been running (early early in the morning) and am prepping for the Rock n Roll 1/2 in Vegas in December. Got a few people looking to sign up and run ... so it should be pretty good. What's better than a run then a major partayyyyyy? Could be bad ... but could be really really BAD ... ha ha ha.

I'll try and get better at updating more frequently ... and btw ... didn't make my goal of doing a full before 40 ... the more I run, the more I'm scared to tackle the full ... so might move this goal out a bit ... we'll play it by ear !!!

Have a great week !!!

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  1. Good grief, glad you are ok from your crazy bike adventures!

    We definitely need to plan an exciting trip for the Vegas 1/2. :)